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8 claves para mejorar el posicionamiento SEO de tu web - El blog de  dinahosting

Let’s say you have a page in your site with the title “The Best Free SEO Tool”. You could start with something like:


You have a lot of good content on your site. If you don’t, you need to find and fix it.


You don’t want to spam your main page with a bunch of external links (in most cases).


It’s really important that your website has an authority over some major sites. Otherwise, your search engine visitors won’t think you’re a real business.


Don’t ever assume that your website is fast if it doesn’t appear on the first page of Google.


Always be on the lookout for keywords on your site so that you can build traffic. In the end, it’s all about building your website, whether you’re a one-person company or a large business.


Add Content

This might be the first thing that pops into your head as you start creating your website. The only thing that can really help is having an extensive blog or some other type of content. Having a blog allows you to present more of your story and to explain a lot of the terms and concepts you’re using. Adding videos and illustrations can help make your blog even more appealing. Some bloggers even use WordPress plugins to add video and other types of content to their sites. You may be able to find them online or you can also use a tool like Blogger to create a theme with images and videos that you can place on your blog.

Use Facebook to Promote Your Site

Like other online businesses, you can create a Facebook page to promote your blog. There are lots of social media networks that you can join including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest. Many websites offer a free membership for their website so it’s worth looking into.

You may even want to add other social media accounts to your site, such as the blog comments section of your blog and your Facebook account.

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