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Sales Through Storytelling

What do stories have to do with sales? Are you supposed to make a profit by telling bedtime tales to kids? “Listen up, children! Tonight we’re going to hear the one about how Goldilocks saved 25% off her next order by subscribing to the company’s email newsletter…” All joking aside (okay, maybe not all of it), you […]

Content Creation Process

As a writer, why do I bother with any sort of process? Aren’t we creative types supposed to be at the mercy of sudden inspiration, being blown this way and that by some fickle Muse? I don’t know about you, but I’d prefer the quality of my work to not be dependent on random chance […]

Every Word Matters

To paraphrase Mark Twain…the difference between the “almost right” word and the “right” word is the difference between lightning and lightning bug! As a copywriter, my purpose is to ensure that the content representing your business, your products, and your services sends lightning bolts straight to your audience’s brains–rather than just being a bug buzzing […]

Whipping Words into Shape for Elite Performance