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My Resume


Summary of Qualifications

Industrious and imaginative writing professional with seventeen years of experience in marketing and advertising backgrounds, having worked with national and international clients in every industry and of every organizational scope. Expertise in crafting unique content and leveraging SEO knowledge to drive exposure, adapting writing style to different mediums, audiences, and brands. Excellent research and fact-checking skills with image and video content integration.

Delivers comprehensive support to meet all project and initiative needs, including creative conceptualization and end-to-end campaign development, involving content lead experience and executive branding. Proactive collateral development for business growth, increased profitability, and target audience expansion.


▪     Digital and print copywriting ▪     WordPress ▪     MailChimp
▪     Brand development ▪     SEO ▪     Adobe Creative Suite
▪     Video/audio scripts

▪     Press releases

▪     Asana

▪     Basecamp

▪     Wrike

▪     Trello

▪     HubSpot

▪     Salesforce

▪     GTM strategy

▪     Microsoft Suite

▪     Technical writing

▪     Web copy

▪     Email series

▪     Blog content

▪     Product marketing

▪     Freelancer management

▪     Editing

▪     UX writing

▪     Content calendar management

▪     Whitepapers

▪     Case studies

▪     Social media

▪     Thought leadership content

▪     Constant Contact

▪     Direct marketing

▪     Advertising/sales copy

▪     B2B/B2C marketing

Professional Experience

EXACT MARKET – Colorado Springs, CO – 2019 – 2023

Strategic consulting and creative marketing agency

Product Marketing Manager/Content Marketing Manager

Empowering clients with creative and technical content to promote managed services and solutions.

  • Composing campaign collateral that enabled clients to be qualified as Google and IBM vendor partners.
  • Overseeing brand style guides for 10+ client accounts and monitoring PMM team QA.
  • Converting high-tech concepts and solutions to marketable and thought leadership documents.
  • Establishing technical and creative processes, acting as editorial oversight for client deliverables.
  • Formulating C-suite executive communications to streamline leadership hires and CEO transitions.

AERA TECHNOLOGY – Colorado Springs, CO – 2019 – 2020

Cognitive automation platform to autonomously drive enterprise transformation.

Copywriter – (Contract Position)

Developed marketing collateral for Aera’s cognitive automation operating system and industry thought leadership.

  • Guided a complete brand revamp from the ground up, with market research and creative development.
  • Crafted the organization’s brand value and mission statements to guide company messaging.
  • Launched simultaneous prospect and client nurture campaigns with an aggressive collateral rollout.
  • Aggregated a company-wide library of marketing content for sales team usage.
  • Enabled CEO’s weekly and monthly calendar of symposium and conference presentations with C-suite decks, press releases, and blog and social posts.

MEDITAB – Colorado Springs, CO – 2019 -2020

EHR platform solutions developer and leading healthcare service provider.

Content Manager

Comprehensive management of the marketing team’s development and implementation of healthcare campaigns.

  • Directed content creation for 7 different, simultaneous growth campaigns launched to bring the company’s EHR product to new healthcare specializations.
  • Founded a campaign model that has been used to expand EHR offerings to 24+ new healthcare sectors.
  • Set and maintained monthly and annual content calendars across all brand channels.
  • Interviewed and onboarded both freelance and full-time content applicants.
  • Enforced quality standards with international copywriters, designers, and sales teams.

MICROSOFT – Colorado Springs, CO – 2019 -2020

Global technology giant and industry leader for hardware and software innovation.

Scriptwriter – (Contract Position)

Drafted instructional scripts for animated Microsoft Managed Desktop videos, targeting internal SME audiences and external product awareness.

  • Turned around over 20 script drafts based on a rapid, agile development cycle.
  • Converted existing library of internal training video scripts to external resources for developer value-adds.
  • Instructed animators and designers to ensure script visuals were aligned across all brand channels.
  • Edited scripts based on executive feedback and technical review to align with legal approval.

UPWORK – Colorado Springs, CO – 2018 – 2019

The world’s leading freelance talent platform.

Lead Writer – (Contract Position)

Crafted corporate communications to launch investor initiatives, develop the Upwork brand, and engage new markets.

  • Built central content libraries for Upwork freelancer training and client education.
  • Produced corporate brand collateral for Upwork to launch its IPO.
  • Composed campaign copy for C-suite outreach, targeting Fortune 500 enterprises.
  • Furnished copy for the Upwork platform UX on both freelancer and hiring manager interfaces.
  • Updated internal copy creation processes to streamline management input and designer involvement.

MICROSOFT – Redmond, WA – 2017 – 2018

Global technology giant and industry leader for hardware and software innovation.

Content Writer – (Contract Position)

Partnered with the Microsoft Azure department to develop a cohesive brand identity for multiple teams, as well as executive social media strategies.

  • Established editorial oversight processes to streamline and standardize 100+ Azure blog contributors.
  • Crafted branding (mission/vision/values) and content outreach strategy for Microsoft Azure teams.
  • Interviewed dozens of SMEs to analyze internal operations and inform an ongoing content calendar.
  • Drafted content for executive-level, internal/external communication and social media activity.

KATALISTIK – Denver, CO – 2012 – 2013

A full-service advertising and marketing agency specializing in local business growth.

Creative Director

Supervised sales, design, IT, and legal teams to streamline content development and ensure quality deliverables.

  • Led market research teams in creating branding and marketing campaigns.
  • Spearheaded the corporate expansion of a regional childcare facility to over 25 new national locations.
  • Conducted end-to-end production of 6-month multimedia campaigns for over 10 accounts.
  • Oversaw ongoing team development for a dozen freelancers via webinars, sales training, and style guides.

WRITE STRONG – Colorado Springs, CO – 2010 – Present

Self-owned freelance copywriting and editing agency.

Writer and Editor

Crafted marketing, advertising, and sales copywriting to drive profits and business growth.

  • Created brand identities and marketing outreach campaigns for product and service launches.
  • Established brand collateral to support a local pet food company’s expansion to national retail.
  • Consulted with business owners to support national growth initiatives and market penetration.
  • Organized dozens of agency RFPs for government and civil contracts.

Education & Certifications

PMC Level I

PRAGMATIC INSTITUTE – Management Curriculum

Product Management & Product Marketing

New York University, New York, NY
Publishing Institute

Colorado Christian University, Lakewood, CO
BA in Human Communication, Minor in English[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing


My extremely varied copywriting and editing experience comes from working with national and international clients in practically every industry and of every size—from lone-wolf entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 corporations. Also, as a published author, I’ve honed a storytelling skill set that helps me adapt my writing style to any brand or voice and connect any target audiences.

Here’s a quick rundown of the types of work I’m available to perform:


Web content

Content development


Blogs and articles


Press releases




Social media posting

Case studies and white papers

Technical writing

Fiction writing and editing


Brand development

Marketing content and campaign development

Sales copy and advertisements

Video/audio scripts


Freelance Editing

Freelance Editing

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Alongside general proofreading and copyediting, I offer freelance editing to help other writers and authors refine their work.

Developmental Editing

This is where I provide big picture feedback on your manuscript, reviewing larger scope elements of your story, such as plot logic and pacing, character development, narrative voice, and the like. It involves a chapter-by-chapter breakdown of what works in your story as-is and what needs work in order to make your manuscript as strong as possible.

$25/hour (averaging 10 hours for up to 80,000 words)



This is done after major developmental edits and revisions have taken place. I take a more intensive, paragraph-by-paragraph look at the manuscript, searching for awkward phrasing, wordiness, continuity errors, technical consistency, and overall cohesiveness.

$.01-.015 cents/word depending on manuscript length and due date



This is a basic line-by-line review of a manuscript that is almost ready to go out the door for publication. I fix any technical errors (spelling, grammar, etc.) or other small mistakes that were overlooked up to this point. Think of it as a final quality assurance test.

$1.00/page (average 10 pages/hr) – Standard page format is 8.5 x 11, Times New Roman, Double Spaced[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

My Clients Speak for Themselves

My Clients Speak for Themselves

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]“So easy to work with… Josh did a great job… fast, professional and on time, if you are looking for a great copy that converts than Josh is the man… Will send you more work soon…”

– Milutin Vujosevic, H.B.S.


“Josh is an amazing writer and able to craft unique stories and make everything seem very lively! Highly recommend and we are continuing working with Josh to create unique content for our company.”

– Nick Lin, ActNiel Inc


“Josh was fantastic!”

– Amanda Reed, Online Solutions & Social Media Attraction


“Josh is a true originator of ideas, concepts, and unique messaging for our clients. His mastery of language is impressive! The words he selects are filtered down to always have purpose, focus, and emotional impact. If your business needs fresh language to reach your clients or consumers, Josh is your man.”

– Daniel Montano, Elevation Creation


“Extremely talented writer. Worth every penny to any client who’s serious about quality content.”

– William Ltaif, Willpower Physiques


“High quality work, highly available, highly responsive.”

– Matthew Hexter, Hexter Consulting


“Josh didn’t hold back with ideas from even before he was hired. He has passion, talent, and he’s smart. I’m lucky to have found him.”

– Jack Grant, Dream Maker Films


“Josh is the man. I loved working with him, and could never fault the quality of his work. When I need a copywriter again I will be hitting up Josh immediately.”

– Wynne Pirini, Shockalotti


“Josh wrote excellent copy for our landing page and he was very flexible because we had some specific requirements how the job needed to be performed.”

– Deniz, Team Ocineb


“I can definitely recommend Josh for any copywriting work you might have. He consistently produces high quality work quickly and efficiently. It’s always a pleasure to work with Josh and I will continue to do so for future projects.”

– Mark Robinson, Good Value, Inc.


“Josh performed an excellent job, met all the deadlines that I gave him, and created amazing content for my startup business (both printed and on the web). He was able to take my thoughts and expand on them – creating compelling marketing materials. I would highly recommend Josh to anyone needing a quality writer.”

– Gregory Rosenow, Ready 1 Take 3 LLC


“Josh provided me with excellent work within a tight time schedule. Professional execution and easy to work with. I can definitely recommend his work as a copywriter.”

– Vernon Song, phlow


“Extremely impressed with Josh’s writing and speed of production.”

– Nick Claeboe, n77design


“Josh is an exceptionally skilled writer, a great communicator and is able to write a resurge review fast!”

– Alex Maurice, Immunea Health Products Inc


“Josh easily grasps an assignment’s tone and intent, delivers on time, and never fails to impress with his work ethic.”

– Grant Davis, Editor, Wild Blue Yonder magazine[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

About Josh

About Josh

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Stories have power. And no matter what industry you’re in or how big your business is, when you tell an audience a story that is authentic, engaging, and unique, amazing results can be achieved.

I’m here to help you write your story. Maybe…

…you’re a new business, trying to pin down the basics of your brand and marketing plan.
…you’re a top-performing professional who wants to highlight your skills and accomplishments.
…you’re an established company trying to set yourself apart from growing competition.
…you already have a message in mind, but just can’t find the right words to tell it effectively.

For 17+ years, I’ve worked with all of these and more. I’ve told their stories through branding and marketing campaigns, websites, emails, videos, sales letters, brochures, blogs, social media, and much more.

Let’s work together to discover your story. One that’s true to you and that resonates with whatever audience you want to reach.

One that’s worth telling.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Contact Me