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Becoming a better writer is a lifelong goal of mine, and I believe that should be the case with any writer who takes their craft seriously. That’s why I’m creating this site. On the one hand, I want it to be a place where writers can discover a variety of tools and resources geared towards helping them become more productive and high-quality writers. On the other, it’s self-motivation, finding ways to push myself to the next level.

I recognize that writers come in all styles and skill levels. Perhaps you’re just starting out and want to discover the many facets of being a writer. Perhaps you’ve been at this for quite a few years now, and are frustrated by a lack of success. Maybe you’ve enjoyed a good bit of success, but are looking for ways to hone your talent that much more.

Whatever the case, Write Strong is here for you. What can you expect to find here? A little bit of everything. Links to writing resources, be they author blogs, advice sites, software made for writers, reviews of writing advice books, seminars, conferences, courses, articles, videos, and more. Since fiction is my main pursuit, that’s what a lot of the content will focus on, but I believe a majority of writing advice can cross over between genres, fiction/non-fiction, and even into areas such as freelance copywriting and otherwise.

It’s all just getting starting, and I’m excited to see where it goes. Thanks for joining in the experience! Let’s Write Strong together.

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