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The countless facets of the writing craft and publishing industry can be overwhelming, especially to newer writers. The amount of research and work required to get a grasp on the fundamentals of building a successful writing career can be exhausting. The sheer number of books and articles and blogs available to writers can be daunting. Where do you start? How do you know if you’re getting accurate and wise information from a particular source?

These are the issues and questions that inspired Write Strong in the first place. It continues to grow as a central hub that compiles helpful resources and tools for writers, covering all the major issues from literary agents to self-publishing to the writing craft and beyond.

And in this continued vein, I want to draw your attention to the Writer’s Knowledge Base. Designed as a Search Engine for Writers, WKB is a growing online library of articles on all sorts of writing topics. Run by Elizabeth Spann Craig and Mike Fleming, the two work to draw together articles from across the internet and make the content freely available and easily researched.

WKB’s mission is to “Help you find the best writings on writing.” Using a simple-yet-elegant user interface, writers can look up any relevant topic and be presented with dozens, if not hundreds, of articles, all of which provide solid insight into the craft and business sides of writing. Elizabeth also tweets the various articles and sites WKB links to @elizabethscraig.

Several of the main search categories include articles on Characters, Settings, Plot, and Publishing. You can also do a search for Random articles, or check out the more Popular searches that are being done by site users.

So give it a try! Are there any particular issues with writing or publishing that you haven’t found the answers for yet?

4 Comments to "Writer’s Knowledge Base – The Search Engine for Writers"

  1. Mike Fleming says:


    Thanks for writing about the WKB. It’s hard to believe but there are already 8800 articles for writers in there!


  2. JRVogt says:

    Gladly, Mike. It’s an incredible resource and I’m glad to help writers discover it, if they already haven’t. Thanks for all your and Elizabeth’s work!

  3. T.J. O'Sullivan says:

    Thanks for posting about this. I must admit, I hadn’t known this was available. What a wonderful resource!

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