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It’s funny. Sometimes websites dedicated to helping writers can also pose a danger to writers by providing so much useful material that browsing it all can distract from actually getting any writing done! Workflow: Writing is one such site. Extremely useful, but it must be managed with care.

Like Writer’s Knowledge Base, Workflow: Writing gathers articles on all aspects of the craft and business of writing and makes them easy to browse. From inspirational blog posts to educational publishing reports, you’ll find little to nothing goes uncovered here.

Collecting thousands of Fiction, Journalism, Blogging, Freelancing, and other Writing articles, news, and resources from all over the Web, from the top working experts in the field, and then collating, filtering, and organizing that content, and delivering it directly to you by Web, RSS, e-mail, and even Twitter. It’s all about helping those who make a living with words find the information, help, and resources they need to succeed in writing.

Just be sure to put a time limit on article reading. It can be oh-so-tempting to feel like you’re doing something productive by reading a lot about writing and publishing–but if you never get around to the writing, you’re just fooling yourself. Remember to keep your priorities straight. Articles from authors and editors can be useful, but the best kind of learning comes from you applying yourself as a writer. In the end, only you can determine what works best with your craft and which path to writing success is worth walking.

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