Scott Berkun on “How to write well, instantly, every time”

Scott Berkun is a writer, bestselling author, and public speaker on topics such as innovation, creativity, and motivation. In this video, he discusses his method for sitting down and writing solid content, while at the same time playing a time-lapse recording of his work on a related essay. Entertaining and insightful.

Obviously, not everyone’s technique is going to be the same, but some of the tricks he talks about are definitely worth trying. And while he’s focusing on nonfiction writing here, I think many of his techniques can cross over into fiction. For instance, if I get stuck on a particular scene and don’t know how to move forward in the plot, I’ll often start at the beginning of the scene or chapter and read back through. This often gives me better sense of where the scene needs to go and gets my fingers typing.

What writing tips or tricks would you like to share?

2 Comments to "Scott Berkun on “How to write well, instantly, every time”"

  1. I’m glad I saved this to watch. I really like the idea of cutting text and putting it at the end. I’ve been using a “waste sheet” – another file to save stuff to be used in the original piece or for future use. I think just writing is the key to many problems.

  2. JRVogt says:

    Definitely a nifty trick. I tend to put notes to myself or half-baked ideas at the top of the document (or within the document itself, marked by asterisks) to keep track of stuff I might or might not use.

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