My Clients Love to Gossip! (aka. Testimonials)

I’ve had the great pleasure to write for an enormous range of clients over the years in a wide variety of industries and content formats. Here’s what many of them have had to say about me after the fact!


“So easy to work with… Josh did a great job… fast, professional and on time, if you are looking for a great copy that converts than Josh is the man… Will send you more work soon…”
– Milutin Vujosevic, H.B.S.

“Josh is an amazing writer and able to craft unique stories and make everything seem very lively! Highly recommend and we are continuing working with Josh to create unique content for our company.”
– Nick Lin, ActNiel Inc

“Josh was fantastic!”
– Amanda Reed, Online Solutions & Social Media Attraction

“Josh is a true originator of ideas, concepts, and unique messaging for our clients. His mastery of language is impressive! The words he selects are filtered down to always have purpose, focus, and emotional impact. If your business needs fresh language to reach your clients or consumers, Josh is your man.”
– Daniel Montano, Elevation Creation

“Extremely talented writer. Worth every penny to any client who’s serious about quality content.”
– William Ltaif, Willpower Physiques

“High quality work, highly available, highly responsive.”
– Matthew Hexter, Hexter Consulting

“Josh didn’t hold back with ideas from even before he was hired. He has passion, talent, and he’s smart. I’m lucky to have found him.”
– Jack Grant, Dream Maker Films

“Josh is the man. I loved working with him, and could never fault the quality of his work. When I need a copywriter again I will be hitting up Josh immediately.”
– Wynne Pirini, Shockalotti

“Josh wrote excellent copy for our landing page and he was very flexible because we had some specific requirements how the job needed to be performed.”
– Deniz, Team Ocineb

“I can definitely recommend Josh for any copywriting work you might have. He consistently produces high quality work quickly and efficiently. It’s always a pleasure to work with Josh and I will continue to do so for future projects.”
– Mark Robinson, Good Value, Inc.

“Josh performed an excellent job, met all the deadlines that I gave him, and created amazing content for my startup business (both printed and on the web). He was able to take my thoughts and expand on them – creating compelling marketing materials. I would highly recommend Josh to anyone needing a quality writer.”
– Gregory Rosenow, Ready 1 Take 3 LLC

“Josh provided me with excellent work within a tight time schedule. Professional execution and easy to work with. I can definitely recommend his work as a copywriter.”
– Vernon Song, phlow

“Extremely impressed with Josh’s writing and speed of production.”
– Nick Claeboe, n77design

“Josh is an exceptional skilled writer, a great communicator and is able to deliver fast!”
– Alex Maurice, Immunea Health Products Inc


“Josh easily grasps an assignment’s tone and intent, delivers on time, and never fails to impress with his work ethic.”
– Grant Davis, Editor, Wild Blue Yonder magazine

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