Free Quote!

Am I the missing piece in your business performance puzzle? Let’s find out!

There are few things I enjoy more than connecting with a new client and discovering how I can fulfill their copy needs. Let’s start by getting you a free, no-obligation quote on your project!

Getting a free quote and/or hiring me is a rather simple process. You contact me with info on what you need written. I respond with an estimated time and price quote, plus some ideas as to how I might go about tackling your project. If you agree, we sign an independent contractor agreement so everything’s nice and tidy in the legal department, and then it’s off to the races!

While I can provide an hourly rate, I prefer to establish a comprehensive project quote so you know exactly what to expect and encounter no undesirable “surprises” along the way. In order to fashion a more accurate time and value estimate,  here’s the basic info you can send me about your copy needs:

  • Desired content format – Are we talking online? Print? Video/animations? Sky-writing?
  • Overall content goals – Are you wanting to establish a brand, flesh out a website, or bring in new clients?
  • Amount of content – A few web pages? An entire novel? A single sentence? A brochure of bullet points? Clue me in.
  • Your budget goals – No need to hammer it down to the exact decimal point. Just give me a general range of what you’re looking to spend.
  • Basic schedule – How soon are you looking to get this copy in place? Yesterday? Next year? Somewhere in between?

Once we’ve gotten in touch, we’ll go more in-depth on these and other project specifications; but by contacting me with the details listed above, I’ll be able to come to our initial discussion with a clearer idea of how I can meet (and hopefully exceed) your expectations. Plus, it’s never too early to begin brainstorming!

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