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If you’ve been keeping an eye on things, you’ll notice Write Strong went a bit dormant for the past month or so (as I warned it might at various times). This has been from a variety of factors, one of which being that I left my last day job not long ago. I’ve been devoting more time and energy to my freelance endeavors, alongside my fiction, and have been wanting some more freedom to pursue this career avenue.

It’s a scary step to leave a day job and throw myself into contract work–but it’s one I feel a measure of joy in taking. There may be a full- or part-time job in the future (have already interviewed with a few folks), but my ongoing dream is to be able to do freelance and fiction writing as a full-time living. Over the past few years, I’ve been getting an eyeful of what it takes to draw in clients, get ongoing writing gigs, and provide quality content. I’ve had to learn when to cut the dead weight in my schedule  and also am slowly learning how to balance my fiction and freelance efforts.

A learning experience, for sure, but one I love. You might notice the Hire Me! addition to the website header, as well as the icon advertising my services on oDesk. All part of my expanding platform of freelance work, which includes both content production for clients as well as editorial services for writers.

So, shameless plugging of my freelancing aside, what else does this involve?

As this post might indicate, I hope to get back into more regular updates here and on my personal blog. There’s an ever-growing pool of resources for writers out there, and I also hope to start covering issues for freelance writers alongside fiction writers. I’m also hoping to get some other writers on Write Strong, providing their perspective on the craft and business of writing.

What would you like to see? What questions or issues about writing have been taking a forefront in your mind? What do you want to gain insight on in either the freelancing or publishing side of the work?

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