Every Word Matters

To paraphrase Mark Twain…the difference between the “almost right” word and the “right” word is the difference between lightning and lightning bug!

As a copywriter, my purpose is to ensure that the content representing your business, your products, and your services sends lightning bolts straight to your audience’s brains–rather than just being a bug buzzing in their ears.

This means that when you work with me, you get copy that possesses several critical elements…

Focused Energy!

Your copy may be generally informative and well-structured, but…so what? A lot of sites and landing pages and articles and blogs out there convey “info.” And how does it come across? As bland, flat content that does nothing to get the sales you want and deserve!

You want copy that crackles with emotion!

…sizzles with potential!

…flares with intensity!

Achieve a striking contrast to your competitors who rely on the same old boring copy that may have plenty of substance…but not a spark of life.

Powerful Connection!

Even the best-composed copy is no better than filler if it fails to engage your audience on a deep level. Mentally…emotionally…even spiritually…the content has to connect!

This means I get into your target market’s mindset and discern what they truly want and need–even if they don’t realize it or clearly express it in the moment. I then reveal how your business or offer meets (and exceeds) their core needs in ways that trigger the reactions you want…be it sales, subscriptions, increased brand awareness, etc.

But those things don’t occur unless that connection is established first…sparking deep in their minds…making them sit up and go, “Wow…I never even thought of it like that, but it’s so true! I have to act on this!”

Undeniable Impact!

When someone gets struck by lightning, they don’t just  brush it off and go, “That tickled…”

No! They’re rooted in place. Stunned by an unexpected bolt of power that may have literally hit them out of the blue!

Lightning is one of the most powerful forces of nature. It ignites wildfires…tears the very air itself in half…and draws the eye for miles around!

Don’t you want your content to have that same effect? To be the flame that triggers unstoppable sales and profits? To spread a rolling thunder of positive messages about your company and brand? To snare your audience’s attention, channeling web traffic and direct marketing responses your way?

Those are easy questions.

Of course you want all that!

The more realistic question is: Are you ready to invest what it takes to get the copy that does all that and more?

I’ll be upfront. You can find writers who will offer lower quotes on your projects.

That’s fine. I’m not them. They’re not me. Some writers are happy just getting across essential info. Some clients are satisfied with basic overviews of their products and services.

If that’s all you want, then I’m not the writer for you.

My goal is to connect with clients who:

A. Understand the powerful, business-transforming results they can gain through outstanding copy.

B. Are fed up with not meeting their full potential and are prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve those results!

It may cost more upfront, but the copy you receive in the end translates into long-term profits, higher conversion rates, and residual income. My quotes accurately and honestly reflect the value my content delivers…as the many clients I’ve worked with over the years have confirmed.

So…what happens now?

To start, I give you a free, no-obligation quote or free copy critique. If you like what you see and are passionate about boosting your business beyond its current performance, then…

Well…then, it’s time to toss out your jar of lightning bugs, turn your eyes to the sky, and feel your hairs stand on end as lightning prepares to strike.

Whipping Words into Shape for Elite Performance