Content Creation Process

As a writer, why do I bother with any sort of process? Aren’t we creative types supposed to be at the mercy of sudden inspiration, being blown this way and that by some fickle Muse?

I don’t know about you, but I’d prefer the quality of my work to not be dependent on random chance or temperamental mythological beings.

Sure, I’m all for brilliant ideas striking me out of the blue.  But if I sat around twiddling my thumbs until that happened, I’d hardly get any real work done for my clients!

Because I want my writing to be as efficient and effective as possible, I follow a process that helps me focus on my clients’ specific content needs and goals–while still leaving room for that creative spark to flourish.

My content creation process starts out simply enough…with me getting a clear vision for your project. Depending on what type of copy you have in mind, I provide a questionnaire that runs you through the major considerations of what the copy should involve. We set down your main desires and expectations from the get-go and then establish an ETA for your content. Once all that’s done, it’s time for me to draft everything up–followed by a round or two of revisions based on your feedback, if necessary.

Easy enough, right? The purpose of this process is four-fold:

  1. It gives me time to fully comprehend your benchmarks for success.
  2. It grounds me in the tone/voice you want the copy to convey.
  3. We avoid any miscommunication or oversight that could result in unusable copy.
  4. You enjoy increased confidence, knowing that I’m aligned with your mission and values.

Of course, the more involved your content project is, the more time we may spend up-front to ensure all the essentials are nailed down before the writing gets underway. Throughout the entire partnership, my aim is to always deliver copy that you love and that gets you the best possible results.

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