Chuck Wendig – Confessions of a Freelance Penmonkey

Chuck Wendig has been running the website for ten years now, and continues to build a great number of articles geared towards helping writers grapple with the brutal realities of their craft and business–in a rather unique manner.

Before I link to any of his articles, let me provide a quick warning. Wendig himself notes that the content on his site contains:

  • Mentions of: pornography, meth, primates, goblins, unicorns.
  • Things that I think are funny, but may not actually be funny.
  • Ramblings and rants.
  • Utterly random garbage thrown out of my head and onto your computer monitor.

For anyone sensitive to profanity and the occasional (okay, rather frequent) obscene imagery…just ignore this post in general. For those who don’t mind such things and also enjoy writing advice presented in a hilariously off-kilter fashion, then dive on in.

One of Wendig’s ongoing series is the “25 Ways/Things” posts, including 25 Things You Should Know About Dialogue, 25 Ways to Defeat the Dreaded Writer’s Block, 25 Ways to Become a Better Writer, and 25 Ways to F&*K with Your Characters. Many of these lists are also wrapped up in his ebook, 250 Things You Should Know About Writing.

Other insightful and incredibly funny posts include What It’s Like Being a Writer, Turning Writers into Motherf&^%*#g Rock Stars, and 25 Ways to Make Exposition Your B^%*H.

So if you’re feeling in the mood for being verbally abused by a complete stranger, want a mental kick in the rear, or an acid splash of writing reality straight to the face, hop on over to and indulge in the strange and wonderful world of Chuck Wendig. You won’t regret it. Or maybe you will–but in a good way.

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  1. Ah, yes! The blog that buries its advice in a mountain of entertainment!

  2. Jalia says:

    Wow, your post makes mine look febele. More power to you!

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