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Exciting freelancing and website updates

If you’ve been keeping an eye on things, you’ll notice Write Strong went a bit dormant for the past month or so (as I warned it might at various times). This has been from a variety of factors, one of which being that I left my last day job not long ago. I’ve been devoting […]

Chuck Wendig – Confessions of a Freelance Penmonkey

Chuck Wendig has been running the website for ten years now, and continues to build a great number of articles geared towards helping writers grapple with the brutal realities of their craft and business–in a rather unique manner. Before I link to any of his articles, let me provide a quick warning. Wendig himself […]

Workflow: Writing – Article collective for writers

It’s funny. Sometimes websites dedicated to helping writers can also pose a danger to writers by providing so much useful material that browsing it all can distract from actually getting any writing done! Workflow: Writing is one such site. Extremely useful, but it must be managed with care. Like Writer’s Knowledge Base, Workflow: Writing gathers […]

Query Quagmire – Query critiques with attitude

Querying literary agents and editors can be one of the must frustrating parts of the whole publishing industry…for both writers and those they’re querying. Writers hate queries because they inevitably lead to rejections. Literary agents and editors must wade through hundreds a day, many of them terrible. After a while, the constant cycle of query-reject-query-reject […]

Scott Berkun on “How to write well, instantly, every time”

Scott Berkun is a writer, bestselling author, and public speaker on topics such as innovation, creativity, and motivation. In this video, he discusses his method for sitting down and writing solid content, while at the same time playing a time-lapse recording of his work on a related essay. Entertaining and insightful. Obviously, not everyone’s technique […]

Writer’s Knowledge Base – The Search Engine for Writers

The countless facets of the writing craft and publishing industry can be overwhelming, especially to newer writers. The amount of research and work required to get a grasp on the fundamentals of building a successful writing career can be exhausting. The sheer number of books and articles and blogs available to writers can be daunting. […]

Archetype – The Fiction Writer’s Guide to Psychology

No writer wants to have characters turn out two-dimensional. It’s one of the big struggles many face in any story, both in the protagonists and antagonists. How do you keep your main characters (and even secondary ones) from becoming cardboard cut-outs, defined by simplistic morals and shallow thoughts? How do you keep your antagonist from […]

The importance of knowing your story length

Moving on from our discussion of the importance of knowing your story’s genre, let’s consider word count. Why is it important to factor in the length of your story? Again, you must consider both the publishing industry and your future readers. As with many things, the publishing industry has a variety of written and unwritten […]

Writing Excuses – 15 minute podcasts on all things writing

The slogan of the Writing Excuses podcast team is “15 minutes long, because you’re in a hurry, and we’re not that smart.” Now, don’t be fooled. All joking aside, these podcasts are some of the most insightful, educational, and entertaining discussions for anyone interested in learning about all facets of the writing craft and business. […]

Two new articles added

As the week draws to a close, here are two new articles for you to browse. The first comes from literary agent Donald Maass, where he addresses the upswinging trend of writers pursuing success through the self-pub route. Does the Road to New York Start with Self-Publishing? – Are you ruining your chances of success […]

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