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The why of a writing portfolio – Do you have one?

After recently updating one of my online portfolios, I figured it might be good to have a quick overview of what they are and why they’re essential to any freelancer (applicable not just to writers but designers, developers, artists, and many other careers). Let’s run a quick mental exercise. Let’s say you want to hire […]

How are freelance and fiction writing similar?

The previous post discussed a few ways that freelance writing and fiction writing are different. You might be surprised that there are many more ways that they’re similar, aside from sharing the same general function of creating words where there  were none before. I can understand that some fiction writers might be leery of freelance […]

How is freelancing writing different from fiction writing?

As mentioned in the previous post, there’s going to be some continued mingling of writing resources that deal with freelance writing as well as novel writing. Both are a great passion of mine and, as I am making a leap to full-time freelancing (in an effort to also have more time and energy to devote […]

Exciting freelancing and website updates

If you’ve been keeping an eye on things, you’ll notice Write Strong went a bit dormant for the past month or so (as I warned it might at various times). This has been from a variety of factors, one of which being that I left my last day job not long ago. I’ve been devoting […]

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