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Chuck Wendig – Confessions of a Freelance Penmonkey

Chuck Wendig has been running the website for ten years now, and continues to build a great number of articles geared towards helping writers grapple with the brutal realities of their craft and business–in a rather unique manner. Before I link to any of his articles, let me provide a quick warning. Wendig himself […]

Workflow: Writing – Article collective for writers

It’s funny. Sometimes websites dedicated to helping writers can also pose a danger to writers by providing so much useful material that browsing it all can distract from actually getting any writing done! Workflow: Writing is one such site. Extremely useful, but it must be managed with care. Like Writer’s Knowledge Base, Workflow: Writing gathers […]

Are bookstores more about experience than product now?

Books and publishing are evolving. That’s plain to see. The rising popularity and functionality of ebooks and e-readers continues to establish their presence in the market. Authors who have the ability to republish their backlist online, direct to readers, (such as how J.K. Rowling is doing with the Harry Potter books) will benefit enormously from this […]

Writer’s Knowledge Base – The Search Engine for Writers

The countless facets of the writing craft and publishing industry can be overwhelming, especially to newer writers. The amount of research and work required to get a grasp on the fundamentals of building a successful writing career can be exhausting. The sheer number of books and articles and blogs available to writers can be daunting. […]

Two new articles added

As the week draws to a close, here are two new articles for you to browse. The first comes from literary agent Donald Maass, where he addresses the upswinging trend of writers pursuing success through the self-pub route. Does the Road to New York Start with Self-Publishing? – Are you ruining your chances of success […]

New article by literary agent Donald Maass now posted

As promised, I’ve added Donald Maass’ article geared towards self-published novelists. Here’s an excerpt: Here’s how it works: When every paragraph, if not every line, of your novel creates in the reader’s mind a worry, question, apprehension or even a mild disease, the reader will unconsciously seek to relieve that tension.  The result?  The reader […]

How to make a positive impression at a writers conference

As a fitting capstone to my series of posts on literary agents, let me direct your attention to one of the very resources I mentioned in my last post: Guide to Literary Agents. I had an article on there a while back, discussing the process I went through to gain my agent. Chuck Sambuchino asked […]

Why you won’t get published

I know, I know. It’s a downer of a post title. However, it speaks to one of the biggest fears a writer indulges. The fear of failure. The fear of putting in potentially years of time and effort into your craft and never seeing anything in return. It’s also a question writers constantly ask themselves […]

New writing articles posted!

These don’t come from me, but from two sites I respect quite a bit, and which have contributed in significant ways to my perspective and approaches to writing. Both of them provide quite a lot of free content on top of their paid content–though I will admit I’ve paid for some of their extra courses […]

Writing better, faster, stronger…

Becoming a better writer is a lifelong goal of mine, and I believe that should be the case with any writer who takes their craft seriously. That’s why I’m creating this site. On the one hand, I want it to be a place where writers can discover a variety of tools and resources geared towards […]

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