What kind of writer are you?

It’s an important question. One that makes you step back, maybe take a look at yourself in a mirror (yes, I know it’s cliche to have a character do that to introduce their appearance…but we’re not talking about that, are we?). Can you define yourself as a writer? Absolutely–and realize that I’m not talking about […]

Writing by the Snowflake Method

I want to point your attention towards a story-structuring method I’ve used since the beginning of my journey as an aspiring author. When I first had that little spark of insanity ignite in my brain, fueling the thought of, “I’m going to write a novel!”, what followed quickly after was the question, “Uh…how?” Thankfully, Google […]

New writing articles posted!

These don’t come from me, but from two sites I respect quite a bit, and which have contributed in significant ways to my perspective and approaches to writing. Both of them provide quite a lot of free content on top of their paid content–though I will admit I’ve paid for some of their extra courses […]

Writing resolutions and goals

2011. One more year to go before the Mayan end of the world, so I’ve been told. So, whatever you want to get done, make sure it gets done this year, cause we’ll be facing down the apocalypse soon. In all seriousness, we know what a new year brings. Resolutions. Promises to ourselves and others […]

Defining “success” as a writer

Success. We all want it. Some spend their entire lives pursuing it. Many fail to reach it. Success taps into almost every area of our lives, from our health and fitness to our finances to our families. So what does it mean to succeed as a writer? In short, that’s up to you. In long… […]

So you want to write a novel…

I know this video has been floating around the Interblarg for a while, but it’s still worth posting. If you haven’t seen it, it highlights some of the misconceptions people have towards writing, especially in regards to those who set out to make a career as a novelist. Enjoy! I’ve definitely had to make many […]

Writing better, faster, stronger…

Becoming a better writer is a lifelong goal of mine, and I believe that should be the case with any writer who takes their craft seriously. That’s why I’m creating this site. On the one hand, I want it to be a place where writers can discover a variety of tools and resources geared towards […]

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