The subtext of perseverance

“Success as a writer requires perseverance.” You hear it from many authors. You hear it from agents and editors. You hear it at writing conferences, the panels at conventions when people ask authors what the secret to their success is. Just persist. Persevere, and eventually you will break in. You’ll get that agent. You’ll get […]

Writing prompts and inspiration

To piggyback off my last post, concerning where writers get their ideas, I figured a roundup of inspirational resources was in order. You might have read the post, scratched eBay off your list of places to go for writing ideas, and then looked around going, “All right then. Where do I start?” LIFE is kind […]

Don’t buy your writing ideas off eBay

“Where do you get your writing ideas?” is such a common question, that authors often have humorous responses, just to see what they can get away with. “The writing tree I planted out back.” “The muse I keep chained in my basement.” “A store up in Wyoming.” “Fortune cookies.” From now on, “eBay” might be […]

Book updates and two great writing links

If you haven’t peeked back in again, there are two new entries to the Books page. Advice to Writers: A Compendium of Quotes, Anecdotes, and Writerly Wisdom from a Dazzling Array of Literary Lights, edited by Jon Winokur This is a fun book to have on hand when you need a little insight, a laugh, […]

Writing resources on Twitter

Twitter is a divisive topic. Some consider it nothing but a time-sink. For others, it’s a lifeline. You can spend hours on it and have nothing to show for it…or you can turn it into a powerful tool and use it to build an ever-increasing community. To many, Twitter is a mystery. What good is […]

The Books page has been updated

As promised, I’ve added a decent-sized writer’s library to the Books page. I’ve linked to 18 titles that cover pretty much every side of writing, from fiction to nonfiction, business to craft, and beyond. Short descriptions with each should give you a decent idea of they offer. Looking to work on the technical side of […]

A pleasant surprise

I recently got an email notifying me that Write Strong is now listed on Very Best Sites. As the name suggests, VBS is dedicated to hunting down top websites on a wide variety of topics–writing included. Write Strong is now in the category of Best Writing Advice Sites alongside such notables as The Blood-Red Pencil, […]

Markers on the writing path

My wife and I went snowshoeing this last weekend. Marvelous time, out in one of Colorado’s expansive wildernesses. Took the dog so she could romp herself into exhaustion–of course, she napped on the ride home and was cheerfully spry by the time we got through the front door. During one leg of our hike, I […]

Excellent videos on writing and publishing

Have you come across VideoJug before? If not, there’s a wealth of information there for writers and those interested in learning more about the publishing industry. I’ve posted a couple here, but it’s really worth you time to browse through the full selection they offer. The great thing with these videos is that VideoJug interviews […]

Two time management tools for writers

There is one challenge all writers must face down–and I’m not talking about writer’s block (whether that is a valid malady is a debate for another time…or the comments section). Instead, I’m talking about finding the time to write. For some, this isn’t a problem. Maybe you’ve already built up your writing habit and it’s […]

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