Literary agents – Part 2 – Are agents necessary?

Yes. No. Maybe. There’s no absolute answer to this question. It greatly depends on the publishing path you choose to follow as a writer, and can factor in your personal skills in areas such as contract negotiation and industry networking. In the last post, we covered the basics of what a literary agent does. They […]

Literary agent overview – Part 1

There is a love-hate relationship between writers and literary agents. Love, because agents represent what many feel to be the penultimate step to getting published. Hate, because agents are the source of the majority of rejection a writer experiences. There’s also a lot of confusion and mixed expectations when it comes to seeking representation. People […]

Why you won’t get published

I know, I know. It’s a downer of a post title. However, it speaks to one of the biggest fears a writer indulges. The fear of failure. The fear of putting in potentially years of time and effort into your craft and never seeing anything in return. It’s also a question writers constantly ask themselves […]

The Pursuit of Publishing – An Unvarnished Guide for the Perplexed

Self-pubbed. POD. Vanity publisher. Literary agents. Proposals. Queries. The publishing industry is a great, complicated beast that is pretty much impossible to tame. With the rise of eBooks and eReaders, the issues are even more confusing than before. Where do you start if you want to write a book or make a career out of […]

Dropbox – A great way to keep your writing files synced

If you’re like me, you get your writing done on multiple devices. I’ve got my laptop at home, which I use for fiction and freelance. Then there’s my old desktop PC that occasionally must be resurrected. Lastly, there’s the Netbook, which I take on trips since it’s lighweight and compact. Three platforms that I cycle […]

Online writing communities you should check out

As promised, here are a handful of virtual writing communities you should consider dropping in on. Likely you’ve come across some of these already, but there are plenty out there worth an eyeball. Just keep in mind that communities are there to encourage and motivate you as a writer. Don’t let them become huge time […]

Where’s your writing community?

Every writer should be involved in some sort of writing community. Every. Writer. No exception. Why? Here are three big reasons. 1. Motivation. This could also be listed as “accountability.” If you are part of a writing community, such as a critiquing circle, then you can often be called upon to present your work to […]

Perspectives on traditional and self-publishing

With the explosion of eBooks, e-readers, and the variety of e-publishing venues available to writers, there seems to be a paralleling expansion of confusing discussions and debates being tossed back and forth between writers and authors on both sides of the issue. Is self-publishing the holy grail for writers? Is traditional publishing an evil bastion […]

New writing tool: WordWeb

The difference between the almost right word & the right word is really a large matter–it’s the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning. — Mark Twain I think we can all agree that writing has a teensy bit to do with choosing the right words. Sometimes, though, our brain grinds to a halt […]

Breaking through the ice

In the midst of all these winter storms buffeting the country, I thought the title of this post appropriate enough. “Breaking through the ice” speaks to my perspective of being a consistent and habitual writer. I believe there is great value in having a writing routine, a weekly word count to aim for, or daily […]

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