The Online Writing Workshop – Worth the investment?

This is a follow-up to target one of the writing communities I recommended in an older post. For those writers looking for feedback and ways to up their writing craft, you might consider the Online Writing Workshop. What is it? The Online Writing Workshop is an online community of writers of science fiction, fantasy, and […]

Nascence – A short story collection all fiction writers should read

Nascence is not your average short story collection. And I’m not talking about the quality of the stories found within, because some of them are…well…bad. That’s the point. Am I confusing you yet? Nascence comes from science fiction author Tobias Buckell (Check out Crystal Rain, first of his Satrapy books). Buckell decided to gather together […]

New article by literary agent Donald Maass now posted

As promised, I’ve added Donald Maass’ article geared towards self-published novelists. Here’s an excerpt: Here’s how it works: When every paragraph, if not every line, of your novel creates in the reader’s mind a worry, question, apprehension or even a mild disease, the reader will unconsciously seek to relieve that tension.  The result?  The reader […]

The Breakout Novelist – by Donald Maass

Literary agent Donald Maass has, for years now, made it his mission to not only represent high-quality authors, but to also reach out to aspiring writers and teach them how to excel at their craft. Through a number of books (all of which are listed in the library here on Write Strong) and his Fire […]

How to make a positive impression at a writers conference

As a fitting capstone to my series of posts on literary agents, let me direct your attention to one of the very resources I mentioned in my last post: Guide to Literary Agents. I had an article on there a while back, discussing the process I went through to gain my agent. Chuck Sambuchino asked […]

Literary agents – Part 6 – How to find and research agents

As we draw to the end of this series on literary agents, there may be a few lingering questions. We’ve covered the basic path to seeking representation. We’ve covered rejection letters, scams, and the essentials of the literary agent’s position in the industry. Let’s say you’ve decided this is the way you want to go […]

Literary agents – Part 5 – Scams

Writing well and getting published is difficult enough as it is. Who would make it worse by ripping off aspiring writers? Unfortunately, there have been numerous (and ongoing) cases of agents, editors, and publishing houses bilking writers out of thousands of dollars–and more fall prey to these scammers every day. Since this series is focusing […]

Literary agents – Part 4 – What does rejection mean?

Rejection. No writer escapes this fate. Most writer’s careers are defined by years of rejection, and we all deal with it differently. Some of us burn rejection letters. Some of us hoard them in boxes, or use them to wallpaper the bathroom. With many queries being in email form nowadays, maybe you have a special […]

Literary agents – Part 3 – How to seek representation

So let’s say you’ve decided, based on the last couple posts, that you want a literary agent. You feel this is the best path for your writing career. What do you do now? How do you make the journey from here to there? 1. Have something to offer. If you’re a nonfiction writer, this might […]

Lies writers believe

1. Writing is easy. 2. Getting published is easy. 3. You don’t need to know how the publishing industry works. Only the writing craft is important. 4. The best books/stories always get the recognition they deserve. 5. Rejection letters are personal attacks. 6. Traditional publishing is a morally higher road than self-publishing. 7. Self-publishing is […]

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