Archetype – The Fiction Writer’s Guide to Psychology

No writer wants to have characters turn out two-dimensional. It’s one of the big struggles many face in any story, both in the protagonists and antagonists. How do you keep your main characters (and even secondary ones) from becoming cardboard cut-outs, defined by simplistic morals and shallow thoughts? How do you keep your antagonist from […]

The importance of knowing your story length

Moving on from our discussion of the importance of knowing your story’s genre, let’s consider word count. Why is it important to factor in the length of your story? Again, you must consider both the publishing industry and your future readers. As with many things, the publishing industry has a variety of written and unwritten […]

The importance of knowing your genre

If I were to ask you, “What are you writing?” would you be able to answer without taking a few hours to ponder? What if it wasn’t me asking, but an agent or editor? Would you be able to answer them intelligently (and hopefully, in a way that hooks their interest)? Two big elements many […]

Talking to others about writing – What’s your passion?

I posted this over on my personal blog as well, but figured it was appropriate enough for here. I gave a talk a couple weeks back to a few middle school classes about the main reasons I decided to pursue writing as a career. This video has a portion of the talk for anyone who […]

Writing Excuses – 15 minute podcasts on all things writing

The slogan of the Writing Excuses podcast team is “15 minutes long, because you’re in a hurry, and we’re not that smart.” Now, don’t be fooled. All joking aside, these podcasts are some of the most insightful, educational, and entertaining discussions for anyone interested in learning about all facets of the writing craft and business. […]

Two new articles added

As the week draws to a close, here are two new articles for you to browse. The first comes from literary agent Donald Maass, where he addresses the upswinging trend of writers pursuing success through the self-pub route. Does the Road to New York Start with Self-Publishing? – Are you ruining your chances of success […]

Juggling your priorities as a writer

I know I’ve touched on this topic before, but I wanted to return to it because it’s something I’ve been struggling with of late (hence a bit of inactivity on this site). How, as a writer, do you maintain a decent flow of productivity while juggling all the various responsibilities, distractions, and occasional emergencies that […]

Survey: What do you write?

I’d like to get to know the readers and writers here a bit better, so I’m going to do a few surveys. This first one simply asks, “What do you write?” What genre do you fit in? Do you know? Do you write in multiple areas? Does this survey leave out a particular area that […]

9 must-read blogs for writers, by agents and editors

Continuing in this bloggy roundup, we’re moving on to those run by literary agents and editors. These tend to focus more on publishing insights, the business side of the writing coin. Check these out for query tips, industry updates, and discover that agents and editors are human, too! 1. Writer Unboxed – Yes. This was […]

9 must-read blogs for writers, by writers

A bit less active this week, as I’m focusing a bit on getting some revisions done on a manuscript to send my agent’s way. In the meantime, I figured I might showcase some of the blogs out there that I am often drawn to because of their stellar content and information they provide for writers. […]

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